Suffering from BDD

Saad Turki Al Dosari
2 min readMar 2, 2021


I always remained a healthy child since my birth. Delicious food, relishing dishes, crispy snacks and mouthwatering chocolates was what I have always been looking for. I kept on adding extra pounds with every passing day. In my kindergarten, my parents, my teachers and my friends loved me for being a cute and healthy child but when I reached in my preparatory classes then I was labelled as FATOO. I was quite an active child and even participated in all sporting events where I got appreciation of my peers as well but I developed feeling of anxiety somewhere inside me.

This inner feeling of unrest kept on rising due to my overweight. I started avoiding my friends and social gatherings as I did not want to be looked down by other people. I started wearing loose and shaggy clothes to hide my body. Most of my time was spent looking into the mirror and lamenting on my faulty body. One fine morning, I decided to turn the table and reform my body.

I started diet meal despite being tempted by the aroma of food. Hours were spent on morning walks, strenuous exercises, cardio on tread mill, and yoga. I had nothing else in my mind other than losing weight. It disturbed not only my family and social life but also affected studies as I was always engaged in doing something to lose weight. I also joined a slimming center and took some weight losing medicines as well.

The result of my frantic efforts and I lost more than half of my weight within one year, but I never knew that I had lost my friends and social circle in this madness. Later, I suffered from a number of medical complications that affected my health badly. I turned so weak that I found it difficult to participate in any sports or any physical activity.

This all happened due to Body Dysmorphic Disorder that I developed due to issue in my appearance. Though I was not so fat that I should have left everything else of my life but the feeling of being disliked by others pressed me hard. I suggest you to live your own life without fear of being liked and hated by anyone.

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash